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SMS Mega Promotions

SMS Mega Promos are large scale SMS promotions that usually last from 60 to 180 days but can have different duration depending on agreed objectives and market particularities.
They’re highly interactive SMS games that are specially designed as branded promotions for mobile network operators, while they maximize campaign revenues, customer retention and satisfaction figures.
So how does it work?
All subscribers receive an informative Call-To-Action SMS to join the interactive SMS game. Subscribers send back an SMS to a designated for the promotion premium-priced short code and as of that moment they start to collect points and gain prizes according to the related terms and conditions and game format of the promotion.
A Mega Promotion can have more participation channels such as IVR and native Mobile Applications, web sites and microsites as well as social media. In addition, airtime top-up can be a channel of entry in the campaign that provides additional draw points.

Prizes to be awarded and game formats vary. Operators can choose prizes between cash, gadgets, telco prizes, etc.. and game formats include mobile lottery formats, games of skills, knowledge quiz, and mix formats depending on the legal framework of the region and that customer target group.
Mobile Operator Branded Mega Promotions maximize:
Annual Revenues
Brand Value
Customer Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction
We have an excellent track record across the globe that’s why areSMS® is proud to have recurring customer promotions of different types.
By using our platform you get to have the full overview on statistics as well as customer care interfaces for any type of Promotion.

Loyalty Programs

The rapid growth and proliferation of mobile handsets presents new opportunities for marketing and advertising. areSMS® extensive track record, and powerful solutions enable us to design and deliver end-to-end mobile marketing campaigns for our clients including long term loyalty campaigns.
We design together with our clients the loyalty campaign allowing users to collect points through many different actions and channels. Users will be rewarded for toping up airtime through a kiosk or prepaid card, though your web site and through mobile applications. We have the ability to integrate social media in every campaign and also reward participants who invite friends through viral campaigns. Higher rewards will be provided to brand champions and brand ambassadors. In addition, Operator (MNO) stores can actively participate providing incentives to Operator employees.
The point system will be clear and one for all actions and activities, and will be able to attract the majority of the customers through its direct rewards, simplicity and ability to interface a variety of 3d parties in order to redeem their points (entertainment, super markets, gas stations etc..).

Our Platform

Our areSMS® Mobile Marketing Platform is the foundation to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns. As a flexible, scalable and robust technology platform it can interact and engage with consumers across a wide range of media.
The platform is used in more than 50 Mega Promotions globally and evolved based on actual cases and working examples, as per the guidance of the most experienced team in the industry. The platform is constantly updated with new functionality providing additional interactivity and detailed customer behavior insights. It is currently hosted in a cloud environment with Microsoft Azure cloud hosting provider.
Our Analytics offer interactive, illustrative reports identifying key trends; this allows our clients to manage campaigns efficiently and most importantly tune their mobile operational strategies dynamically.
The platform consists of different modules, under a single interface and backend application, supporting multiple game formats such as SMS lotteries, trivia games, skill games, free games, etc., and multiple languages (multilingual campaigns). The modules are the following:
Campaign Setup/Configuration Module, Reporting and Analytics Module, Draw Module, Customer Support Module, SMS Broadcasting Module, CRM and Advanced Targeting Module, Technical Monitoring Module.
Our robust and flexible platform allows us to adapt any custom solutions and therefore meet your specific business needs.

Messaging Aggregation & Content Management

areSMS® provides carrier-grade messaging and routing infrastructure allowing our clients to reach mobile subscribers directly, and to deliver mobile content and applications. Our clients can access consumers through premium SMS, WAP, and MMS messaging. Through our aggregation services, areSMS® provides connectivity to all major wireless carriers in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Middle East.
We are proud to sustain long-standing relationship with key wireless carriers facilitates the implementation process of our clients’ mobile services.
Our Mobile expertise includes:
Mobile Content Management
Shortcode/Keyword Administration
Wireless carrier compliance & best practices guidance
Fulfillment and settlement of financial and billing transactions
Network and service integration
Business intelligence
We offer different types of APIs depending on our client’s needs and requirements. For further details on our aggregation services and/or selected use cases please reach-out!

We are ready to hear your objectives and insights about trends in your market, in order to build a powerful strategic partnership.